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Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain are European giants who are now keen to improve their squad to compete to become the best team in Europe and win European trophies, said agensbobet888. Both of these clubs are the richest clubs in the world and also always spend fantastic funds to buy a talented player and according to club criteria. One purchase from Real Madrid is Luka Jovic and also Eden Hazard. While PSG recently managed to get a sharp striker from Inter Milan, Mauro Icardi. But it is often heard that the Neymar transfer case, which is still unclear, even until the transfer market has closed. But for now, that’s not all that will be discussed, because this Neymar case has been discussed too much. What is now in the spotlight is that the great goalkeeper from Real Madrid, Keylor Navas, went to the not-so-competitive League, the French League and joined Paris Saint Germain. A few days ago the world of world football transfer was shocked by the transfer of players Keylor Navas and Alphonso Areola, said agensbobet888. Even though the Costa Rica national goalkeeper has extraordinary caps and also presents the European championship 3 times in a row. However, because Navas felt he had a few minutes of play, he decided to leave in order to get more minutes to play. Plus Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane prefers Courtois to be Real Madrid’s main goalkeeper. Areola is a talented young goalkeeper from France. Transported to Real Madrid on a one-season loan will add to the ammunition in the Goalkeepers’ line, because previously young Real Madrid goalkeepers were loaned to various clubs, such as Lunin and Luca Zidane. But with an agreement like this, will it be beneficial or even detrimental to one of these clubs? asked by agensbobet888

Areola on PSG

Areola was one of PSG’s top goalkeepers last season, with a clean sheet percentage of 67% making him one of the best young goalkeepers in the world. Areola has always been a mainstay in the position of the goalkeeper at PSG and always managed to bring his team to victory in the domestic league. Whereas in the European league his record is not too bad because he managed to bring PSG advanced to the Round of 16. The Filipino crossbreed player was also brought to Real Madrid as an option to meet the demand of Keylor Navas and Areola will become the second goalkeeper at Real Madrid. They want to experience young players in Real Madrid. Areola is currently very strong to compete with Courtois, remembering that the Belgian player’s ups and downs. Even like that, the Real Madrid coach still wants Courtois to become a mainstay as Goalkeeper, but it doesn’t rule out that the areola will be the best choice for real Madrid, said agensbobet888.

Navas in Los Galacticos or Real Madrid

Keylor Navas was brought to Real Madrid in 2014 from Levante after his neat game at the 2014 World Cup with Costa Rica. Great performance at that time made Real Madrid want to bring Navas and replace the position of the Real Madrid goalkeeper legend, Iker Casillas. With Real Madrid, Navas has an outstanding record and also has a large number of prestigious trophies. Among them is the Spanish La Liga and also the Champions League title 3 times in a row. Keylor Navas has also been named the best goalkeeper in Europe and even in the world. But things have changed when Real Madrid’s management bring in Belgian number 1 goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. It’s clear that the main position of Keylor Navas must be taken over by the best goalkeeper at the 2018 World Cup. As a result, Navas lacked playing minutes and wanted to save more playing minutes. Finally, he decided to leave Real Madrid to PSG to get more minutes to play. Keylor Navas’ move shocked several Real Madrid players including El Capitano Sergio Ramos, Ramos asked Navas to stay at Real Madrid but the effort did not bear fruit because Navas had intended to leave Real Madrid. It is unfortunate that the best Real Madrid goalkeeper has to leave. Unmitigated PSG signed Keylor Navas until the 2023 season, said agensbobet888.

With the completion of the transfer from the two players, a question arises, is this transfer mutually beneficial to each other? You could say it is mutually beneficial because Real Madrid got talented young players namely Alphonso Areola and there is no doubt how he works behind the crossbar. PSG actually gets a goalkeeper who is very experienced and also has a myriad of achievements namely Keylor Navas. The statistics of these two players are also not in doubt. Alphonso Areola has clearly seen his potential and soon he will be a substitute for Hugo Lloris who currently still serves as France’s main goalkeeper and also the captain of the French national team, said agensbobet888.

ibcbet stated Manchester United Starts to Consider Jan Oblak

The management of Manchester United starts to consider replacing one of their players after a series of inconsistent performancesby the player, said ibcbet. The Red Devils’ player that we are talking about is David de Gea Quintana. The goalkeeper of the Red Devils or widely known as David de Gea was born on 7 November 1970. David de Gea Quintana was born in Madrid, Spain. He plays for the Spain National Team. In June 2011, David de Gea was bought by Manchester United, said ibcbet. He plays as a goalkeeper for the Red Devils. The man is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League. Four times in a row David de Gea was chosen to be included in the Premier League PFA Team of the Year. The goalkeeper of the Red Devils also got his award of Golden Glove in the 2017/2018 after not allowing the opposing teams to score any goal in the span of 18 matches. However, after all those achievements that put his name on the list of best goalkeepers in the Premier League, de Gea’s glow seems to start to dim down. He does not perform like how he used to perform. Also, his performances are plagued with his errors. How can this happen? How does the management of Manchester United react to this problem?

David de Gea’s Inconsistency said ibcbet

It is no doubt that David de Gea was ranked up there among the best goalkeepers in the Premier League if not in the whole wide world, said ibcbet. David de Gea’s performances were definitely excellent. He got a lot and lots of achievements. David de Gea also kept eighteen clean sheets. During those seasons, he was like an impenetrable wall defending the Red Devils’ goal.  However, that was a couple of seasons ago. During the last season, David de Gea performed badly and it continues into the current season. His poor performances have sparked questions among the masses. The Red Devils’ performance is also hugely affected by David de Gea’s poor performance. Many people asked whether David de Gea still deserved to be called one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League. Many also asked how will Manchester United deal with David de Gea Quintana.

The goalkeeper often blundered into a situation which put Manchester United at a disadvantage during last season. It is all started at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. David de Gea blundered which made Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal point for his country, Portugal. Unfortunately, this poor performance by de Gea continued to plague his performances for the rest of the season. The impact is bad for Manchester United. This decline of his performance quality is something real as his save percentage is falling down and the number of errors he made rises. His latest poor performance is probably during the third match week of Premier League 2019/20 two weeks ago. Manchester United has to accept their defeat after losing a match to Crystal Palace at Old Trafford. During the match, Patrick van Aanholt, the player of Crystal Palace, easily scored a goal. Many fans of Manchester United are getting irritated by his bad performances. They even bash David de Gea on Twitter saying that de Gea is past his prime, said ibcbet.

The Replacement by ibcbet

There is a rumor that Manchester United starts to look for the replacement of David de Gea. The Red Devils are considering recruiting a goalkeeper from Slovenia that plays for Atletico Madrid and Slovenia’s national team. The goalkeeper is none other than Jan Oblak. The man was born on 7 January 1993 in Slovenia. There are some reasons why the management of Manchester United considers Jan Oblak to replace David de Gea as the goalkeeper of the Red Devils.

It is reported that the main reason why Manchester United considers Jan Oblak as a replacement is because of his stable performance. It has been three seasons in a row that Oblak is awarded as the best keepers in La Liga. He is the goalkeeper that kept most clean sheets in these last three years in Spain. Regarding those facts, Manchester United thinks that goalkeeper from Slovenia has the skill and quality to be the goalkeeper of Manchester United.

However, that report also said that Oblak will not join Manchester United any time soon. They will start to make a move next summer. Also, the management of Manchester United needs to negotiate again with David de Gea. Jan Oblak also has to compete against Sergio Romero and Dean Henderson to be the goalkeeper of Manchester United, said ibcbet.

It is rumored that Manchester United has to pay a large sum of money to get Jan Oblak to play for the Red Devils. It is reported that the goalkeeper has just been signing a new contract in Wanda Metropolitano last April. That means Manchester United has to prepare 100 million Euros to get Jan Oblak.